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European Commission component economy as well Cloth Manufacturers

The guarantee of orders through the Imerys group is vital for the future, at its price and then for it duration of 400 000 t provided into the 3 factories. deep of what he said given that 1993:. As far as the scientific part is concerned, the position of Professor Augier one of the complainants is developed in addition to the deciphering of the opinions from the ANSES very complete.

The Altéo Filter Cloth Manufacturers group with 4 factories could make sense, Gardanne became alone don’t the decision and can create on its only remaining manufacturing capacity namely 200 000 tonnes involving alumina from 500 000 tonnes connected with ore allowing a turnover of 80, 000 tonnes of complete products. Guinea and other countries export alumina produced refineries are developing construction on site. Berger Olivier advisor.It can be chaired by Mr. Competition is present, aggressive.

Requiring the manufacturer to pay for his own costs, to be exonerated by mere connivance using the government and its relays, is not acceptable. Michel Barnier, current European Commissioner and Minister of Ecology at the time by his letter to MP Tardito who alerted him to the existence of red mud from 103 m.

These elements are from the complaint filed with the European Commission component, economy as well as finance.

These businesses are beneficiaries, unlike Gardanne. The European Commission has given its blessing to the operation, provided that the La Bathie grow crops is resold by Imerys within Six months, in order to comply when using the rules of competition within European union, file number M 8130

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